Monday, 26 August 2019

ROH Will Be Just Fine

 After watching both ROH At Centre Stage and ROH Honor For All the past two nights, one thing certainly comes to mind.  Ring of Honor is going to be all right.

 The predictions of the company's imminent demise are certainly jumping the gun.  If the documentation is true, then yes, ROH attendance figures are down from the past.  However, even the numbers the greatest pessimists are offering are still pretty decent numbers for any company.

 Of course, losing names like Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, The Addiction and many, many others hurt the fanbase*, but the fanbase is still pretty large.  And if the offering of August 24th and 25th are any indication, the crowds will swell once again.

 The Bouncers are charismatic, athletic and different.  People don't know if PCO truly is bat crap crazy.  Dalton Castle is always an attraction.  Joe Hendry commands attention.  They are building an intriguing and exciting Vincent Marseglia for the fans.  Rush, although not one of our favorites, is garnering a Goldberg type following without being anything like Goldberg.  The Briscoes will always be the Briscoes.  Shane Taylor is becoming so much more than a supporting character.  Marty Scurll, Bandido, Brody King, Jeff Cobb, we can go on and on and on.

 All of that doesn't even include PJ Black, Silas Young, Jay Lethal, Kenny King, Flip Gordon, the entire Women of Honor roster and, again not one of our favorites, but a more than suitable World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Taven.  Plus, working agreements with New Japan and CMLL.

 After the Studio gets together for wrestling events, the talk that follows is "You want to bring the rest of the pizza home?" or "Who drank all the Legendario?".  After the 24th, talk went on and on and on about "Love to see Beer City Bruiser take on Vincent Marseglia.", "Villain Enterprise against the Briscoes would be good."  "Jeff Cobb versus Rush?!!  F*&^ yea!!"  It's been a long long time since these middle aged men and women have talked like that after a wrestling show.

 So, take our word for it.  Word of mouth and articles like the one you're reading right now will get people attention.  Even though the crowds might be heading in a southerly direction, they will rise again.  Ring of Honor will be just fine.

* - If the numbers that were reported are accurate, other than two 20-30% drops in butts in seats, the average number is closer to 10-15%.  That's really not a huge number considering the loss of Cody, Bucks, Daniels, Omega et all.

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